Why do people love flowers so much?

Humans have a long history of love with flowers. A LONG love: We held festivals dedicated to them in ancient Rome, we lavishly and tenderly filled the tombs of our loved ones in ancient Egypt, and made them eternal in silk for thousands of years in China.

Today there are still annual festivals that celebrate these blooming delights. Along with centuries of including flowers in artwork, fashion, accessories and textiles, it is clear that we love them.

And what’s not to love?!

A Rutgers University study found that gifted flowers have an immediate effect on a person’s mood, triggering happiness and feelings of satisfaction.
But why exactly is that?

I mean, it’s not as if flowers are necessary for our survival. We can’t eat them nor can they be used as clothes. They should technically be classed as an ornamental item yet Australia’s floral market is worth 864mil! And even though the industry is moving online, the Melbourne flower delivery trade is set to bloom with it.

Contemporary studies have found many reasons that explain why a fresh flower delivery has such a joyful impact on our minds and mood.

To name a few are:

They used to indicate where food is

Our ancestors were on the move and living off the land. To do this successfully, early humans developed a seriously good eye for things that were going to be helpful. Flowers – not only useful for medicinal qualities- but are a good indicator for where to find the ripest fruit and for fertile land. This means that their appearance continually became paired with relief and excitement.

They provide a connection with the natural world
It is no secret that being in nature is calming for the human psyche. Having fresh flowers can offer a similar reminder of the natural world.

They provide a multisensory experience:

Flowers provides an experience that is not only visually pleasing but also a fragrance and atmosphere. Their strong visual factor is calming to our brains because our brain responds to patterns, colour and symmetry (of which flowers are rich in) with feelings of calm and familiarity.
Speaking of familiarity…

Flowers evoke autobiographical memories

Because of their scent and sight giftings, flowers have been shown to evoke strong memories when they have been received. Our brain pretty much stores all our interactions with flowers, and each time we receive flowers, the brain opens that drawer of memories and lets all the good feelings associated with those memories to seep into the present.

Their combination of scent, beauty and cultural significance mean that they can become a mental shortcut to memories of times and people you love.

The combination of all these things (and more!) make flowers to be a timeless and thoughtful gift. Have a look at our incredible selection here to spoil yourself or your loved ones. If you have left it a bit late, don’t panic! We provide next day delivery and same day local delivery in Melbourne if you order before 4pm, 7 days a week.