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What Does a Florist Hawthorn have in his Toolkit? Find Out Below!

While simple floral arrangements can be stunning, there is more to floral design then just putting flowers in vase. Floral arrangements require various techniques and tools. Fortunately, to be able to implement most of the techniques in professional floral arrangements you don’t need specialised tools and can be done with your basic home toolkit. The following text elaborates on some of the tools that every florist Hawthorn absolutely must have!



Scissor like shears and pruners are both important tools. You will need sharp shears and pruners to be able to make clean cuts; otherwise you will risk damaging the stems. If you arrange flowers by using ribbons then a plain scissor may also be necessary.

Utility Knife:-

Knifes are handy when it comes to cutting the bark off the ends of branches as well as getting nice clean cuts (often more useful than shears). A Florist Hawthorn requires a knife when they need to make cuts for maximum absorption without damage.


Frogs are the weighted disks that go in the bottom of a container to aid in placing the stems exactly where you need them. A florist Hawthorn should use these rather than the environmentally hazardous floral foam even though they may be a cheaper option.

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