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Things that your Florist Greensborough will NOT Tell You!

Just with any other business, the business of delivering flowers has its secrets. However, most florists don’t reveal them even though certain circumstances are completely out of their control. In the text below, we have mentioned the most interesting facts that your florist Greensborough will never tell you.

Late Night Orders are More Expensive:-

Maybe you forgot your anniversary and you want to arrange for some flowers in the last minute. “No Problem! We can provide you with flowers at your doorstep even at 2 a.m. We will charge you extra though!” said no florist ever! Since you are desperate, you might not even notice or care about being charged double.

Mondays are the best Time to Order Flowers:-

Most florists restock their shops on Mondays. So if you want to buy fresh flowers, then wait till Monday!

Too Much Sun is bad for the flower you just bought:-

It is common for a Florist Greensborough to tell you how much a particular arrangement will look in your window. However, the truth is that too much sun can cause the flower to wilt and die within a couple of days.

You Can Make your Flowers Last Longer:-

If you cut your flowers at an angle, change the water every day and use preservatives your flowers can last much longer. Unfortunately, the florist will always insist on buying new flowers rather than preserving old ones.

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