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The Traditional Floral Arrangements Courtesy of Florist Wheelers Hill

Over the years floral arrangements have developed and evolved to the wide range we see today. However for an expert florist wheelers hill, it is important to have knowledge of all the different types of floral arrangements to be able cater all kinds of orders. The following text contains interesting information regarding the traditional Floral Arrangements.

The Different Styles in a Traditional Floral Arrangement:-

A traditional floral arrangement can be of the following styles:-

  • Flemish Style:-
    • The Flemish style simply gives the idea of more. Which means that flowers are arranged in such a manner that they seem to be spread out and abundant. Florist Wheelers Hill usually spread flowers in a circular fashion.
  • Phoenix Style:-
    • The phoenix style is another variant for the Flemish style. However, on major difference is that the Flemish style arranges flowers in a circular manner. Whereas the phoenix style is an “outburst” of flowers.
  • The Waterfall Style:-
    • As the name suggests, the waterfall arrangement basically looks like the flowers are “spilling” out from the container. This can be achieved by basically positioning flowers in layers.
  • The Beidermeier Arrangement:-
    • This arrangement basically consists of various circles each made up of a different type of flower.

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