The Natural Floral Arrangements Explained with the Help of Florist Cranbourne

The most common floral arrangement is known as the Natural Floral Arrangement. The natural floral arrangement style incorporates natural elements as well; therefore you are free to use branches, stones, rocks, trees barks and other natural materials to add to your arrangement. The following text elaborates on the different styles that can be incorporated in a Natural Floral Arrangement with the help of Florist Cranbourne.

Typically a Natural Arrangement is composed of the following:-

  • Landscape Style.
  • Botanical Style.
  • Vegetative Style.

Landscape Style:-

The landscape style usually includes various other elements other than the flowers to give it a more natural look. These elements may include stones, rocks, tree barks and even pebbles. Due to the diverse choice of the elements available Florist Cranbourne can do wonders in creating a landscape floral arrangement.

Botanical Style:-

Essentially you are bringing the rest of your garden into your floral arrangement. This may include flowers that have not yet bloomed, some in their buds and some in blooms.

Vegetative Style:-

This style basically gives the impression that flowers are growing from the ground in their natural state. Therefore, vegetative style would involve flowers being placed in lines that do not intersect at any point and look as if they have grown naturally.




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