The Elements of Floral Arrangements that every Florist Greensborough Needs to Know

Knowledge is the basis for everything. If you wish to succeed in a particular field then you will have to possess sufficient knowledge in the area. The same can be said for floral arrangements. The following text elaborates on the basic elements of a flower arrangement that every Florist Greensborough needs to be able to identify.


In floral arrangements the line is considered to be an important element. There are two kinds of lines that florist Greensborough can implement; a Static Line and a Dynamic Line. Static lines make up the parts of the floral arrangements that are motionless, whereas the dynamic lines allow the arrangements to move in an unexpected way.


The form is the basic shape of the arrangement. Forms can be of any shape and size. The basic forms of floral arrangements include:-

  • S Curve.
  • Hogarths.
  • Triangular.
  • Horizontal
  • Crescent
  • Right Angle


Space Refers to area within the arrangement. A Florist Greensborough can incorporate the following types of space:-

  • Void Space.
    • It is simple a gap in the arrangement.
  • Positive Space.
    • Spaces are filled with different materials.
  • Negative Space.
    • The space that are created for any other decorative purpose.


Texture identifies the materials that you use to make your floral arrangements. They can be rough, smooth, shining and even dull materials.


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