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Recommendations of Florists Hawthorn with Respect to Flower Care

Flowers are beautiful reminder of all the color and happiness in our lives. If you wish to enjoy your flowers are little longer Florists Hawthorn Recommend that you follow the advice given below.

Change Water Regularly:-

Flowers that have been stored in a vase need to be kept safe from the harmful bacteria that are capable of growing in the water. So, if you wish to preserve these flowers for longer, make sure that you change the water at least once a day. Furthermore, make sure that you treat your water to prevent bacterial growth. You may add two tablespoons of sugar with apple cider vinegar, or you may simply place a coin at the bottom of the vase.

Take Care of the Stems:-

Different flowers have different stems. And different stems require different treatment. Florists Hawthorn recommend that you trim a small amount of the stem every day at a 45° angle so that they are capable of absorbing more water.

Monitor the Temperature:-

Temperatures that are too hot or cold will cause the flower to wilt much more quickly. Different flowers have different temperature requirements, flowers should be stored accordingly.

Remove Excess Leaves:-

Excess leaves below the water line promote bacteria growth. Also remove parts of the flower that have already wilted so that the plant doesn’t waste energy in maintaining them.

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