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Interesting Facts Regarding Flowers Courtesy of Florists Hawthorn

Flowers are interesting creations of Mother Nature. It is absolutely amazing how many species of flowers exist around us, and the mere fact that no two flowers are the same is even more impressive. The following text contains even more interesting facts that have been gathered with the help of expert Florists Hawthorn.

The World’s Largest Flower:-

The Rafflesis Arnoldii is considered to be the world’s largest flower. These flowers are claimed to reach more than 3 feet in diameter and end up weighing more than 15 pounds. Unfortunately, they are very rare and can only be found in rainforests of Indonesia.

The Smallest Flower in the World:-

The Water Meal of the Lemnaceae is the smallest known flower measure at about 1/42” in length and 1/85” in width. It is also the simplest flowering plant.

Why do Florists Hawthorn Recommend Sending Flowers?

Relationship experts believe that flowers can play a very significant role in building new relationships or mending old ones. Mainly due to the fact that:-

  • Women Like Flowers!
  • Holding flowers gives you something to do in awkward situations.
  • You don’t have to be grown up to be able to buy flowers.
  • Giving flowers is a cheaper solution as opposed to marriage counselling.
  • Flowers do not require a battery assembly or complicated assembly.

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