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Important Flower Arrangement Skills that a Florist Hawthorn should Possess

Over the years florists have developed many techniques; however there are some techniques that should never be ignored. The following text mentions the some of the important skills that every florist Hawthorn should possess.


The anchoring technique involves securing a stem attachment into a piece of foam by using wooden picks or pieces of wire.


A Florist Hawthorn will make use of armature technique to create a structural framework for a floral arrangement. It can be either for decorative purposes or for mechanical.



Banding involves wrapping materials around a floral arrangement for the purpose of decoration. These materials can include crepe paper, ribbons and even copper wire.


Grouping is arranging similar materials close together. A Florist Hawthorn should be careful enough to group materials in such a way that each remains individually visible.


This technique involves simply tying materials together. This technique is common with hand bouquets and is accomplished by simply tying the stems together.

Radial Insertion:-

This technique involves arranging several flowers in a common base. Even though the flowers are arranged within a single base, they give the impression of being spread. Having flowers come out of a common point of origin is a thing of beauty for sure.

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