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How to pick the perfect flowers for your daughter’s birthday

You Grow girl!

Is a bouquet of flowers a good gift for your daughter?

The answer is an absolute YES!!

Flowers are often depicted in films as extravagant and exciting gestures of love.
As little girls, we see it again and again: The bouquet delivered to a woman from an admirer or a glamorous actress being surrounded with flowers on opening night.

A mature gift for an elegant woman.

That’s is why it so exciting for a young girl to receive flowers. It is seen as such an ‘adult’ thing.
It might be very hard admit that the emerging woman in front of you is the same bundle you cradled on the way home from the hospital years before, but a flower delivery of her own is a lovely acknowledgement of her growing up.

So here is a quick guide on how to pick the perfect bouquet for your little lady:


Ok, so I bet some of you are thinking that your little girl might not be the type to swoon at pretty dresses or pastels – why not try a chocolate bouquet?
Our edible bouquets are a great choice for the young lass who prefers bike rides over barbie dolls. The beauty of this is that you still get to experience the fun of having a bouquet delivered without the frills that are often associated with a traditional bunch of blooms.

15 and under:

This is a great opportunity to showcase the bright flowers that are symbolic of emerging beauty, admiration and love.

Particularly for a thirteenth birthday: which is a very exciting birthday for your daughter. High school is unfolding around them and they are often doing their best to shed the image of being a child.
Flowers are a gentle acknowledgement that you see them as a growing young lady and no longer a baby – even though they will always remain your little girl in your eyes.

Pink lilies or gerberas are a great choice for this age group. They are vibrant, fun and delightful without having romantic connotations.

16 + years old:

The big ONE SIX is a big deal for a young lady.

It is easy to forget as an adult the excitement around this age, but the 16th birthday has a lot of milestones attached to it: potential driving licenses and more responsibility at school. They are going to be treated more like an adult and are often ready to see themselves as a grown up.

For this age and upwards, pink or yellow roses are an excellent choice. The rose is an elegantly powerful symbol but the softer shades of pink or yellow move the symbolism from romantic to a softer kind of love and admiration. One that is full of gentle appreciation for the journey your little girl has been on and a welcome to the many possibilities that their bright future holds.

Whatever birthday bouquet you decide to send your daughter, she will love it. It is a beautiful reminder that she has a loving family who are excited about her bright future as she is.