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Lily is a tall perennial that ranges from 2 to 6 feet in height. Second only to the roses in mystique, the lilies are cultivated around the world for centuries. From Japan and China across Asia to southern Europe and Middle East, and North America, the Lilium contains more than 100 beautiful, separate natural species. The markings on the lilies include brush strokes and spots. The plants have summer or late spring- flowering but with Floral Hub, you can get lilies Melbourne throughout the year. We offer flower arrangements of lilies Melbourne in a variety of colors including yellows, whites, pinks, reds, purples and oranges.

When you pick a flower to gift someone, it should be suitable for that occasion or event. You need to know the true meaning and significance of every flower in order to present a bouquet to your loved ones. Every flower holds a particular significance, so does a lily. A bouquet of beautiful lilies is a powerful messenger. They not only look charming but also hold several mythologies from the ancient times. Among the many mythologies and stories related to lilies, the most famous are the Roman and Greek mythologies.

The Roman legend says when Venus rose from water and witnessed the lilies; she became desirous of the sheer beauty and grandeur of the flower. She could not stand the beauty and felt threatened, which made her give an additional element to the flower- a long and large pistil in its center. She hoped that by doing this, she would make this flower less attractive. But it actually increased the charm of the lily. Lilies are thus symbolized as the proclamation of lust and love. The Romans also cured corns from the juice of the lily bulbs. They believed that lilies protect the gardens from evil spirits and ghosts.

According to the Greek mythology, lilies stand for rebirth and motherhood. They believed that the lily was created or formed from the milk that spurted from the Greek goddess Hera. Lily had a significant role in the ancient folktales as well. As per the beliefs of the Greeks, old wives used to approach the expectant mothers with a rose flower and lily; the rose represented a girl whereas the lily represented a boy. If the mothers picked the rose, it was believed that they would give birth to a girl. And if they picked the lily, a baby boy would be born.

Now who would not love a flower with so many interesting stories and legends? Floral Hub also offers the popular types of lilies Melbourne. You can pick up the lilies of your own choice.

The Easter lily represents life, hope and virtue. According to a legend, the lilies were formed from the sweat of Christ and celebrate Christ’s resurrection after 3 days when he was crucified; hence the flower’s name.
The tiger lily symbolizes combative nature of women and courage. It is also known to show one’s energetic and balanced life.

Lily of the Valley symbolizes gentleness, calmness and elegance. It is a common gift flower for the second wedding anniversaries.

Calla lilies are linked with both funerals and weddings. Lilies are commonly considered as the symbol of reincarnation. That is why, calla lilies are often seen planted in the cemeteries and used for the funerals. In terms of a wedding, they symbolize honesty and everlasting purity.

The stargazer lilies show belief in the God and symbolize religious zeal. They are a symbol of one’s liberation from worries and obstacles.

Floral Hub offers a wide range of colorful lilies. The red lilies portray affection and love; pink lilies represent joy, youth and wealth. Orange lilies show warmth and yellow lilies represent merriment whereas the white lilies symbolize innocence, humility, tranquility and purity. The colors of lilies may show different shades but the symbolism of basic colors remains same. We offer the best and most appealing bouquets of lilies Melbourne. If you are also looking to order lilies Melbourne at the most affordable rates, waste no more time and place your order with us.