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Ultimate Sampler – 16 Pieces

  • Ultimate Sampler
  • 16 piece box
  • Selection is 160g
  • Handcrafted Chocolates
  • Fine Premium Belgian Chocolates
  • Melbourne Made, Melbourne Owned and Serve Melbourne Only

Macarons 12 Piece Box


Current assorted flavours:

  • Chocolate (GF)
  • Raspberry (GF)
  • Hazelnut & Salted caramel (GF)
  • Cookies (contains gluten)
  • Neapolitan (GF)
  • Passionfruit & Macadamia (GF)
  • Black Forest (contains gluten)
  • Violet & Cassis (GF)
  • Lemon Meringue Pie (GF)
  • Pistachio (GF)
  • Salty Caramel (GF)
  • Strawberries & Cream (GF)

Selection is 215g



30075 kJ

Three layers of chocolate sponge, delightful chocolate cream & natural strawberry topping, covered with a chocolate glaze, choc pieces and fresh strawberries.The perfect cake for all occasions.
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31944 kJ
Combination of chocolate sponge, vanilla cream and sour cherries with Belgian chocolate on top.The perfect cake for all occasions.



35578 kJ

Premium chocolate glaze mud cake with a Belgian chocolate collar.The perfect cake for all occasions.



Our creamy continental cheesecake topped with a delicious film of blueberry glaze
and a Belgian chocolate half sphere.

22cm in Diameter.
12-16 Serves.

Sam Caramel


Divine caramel mud cake generously coated with a mouth-watering French caramel glaze,
decorated with crepe crumb and Belgian chocolate flourishes.

24cm in Diameter.
12-16 Serves.




  • Vanilla sponge layered with rum syrup
  • chocolate ganache and coffee flavoured cream.
  • Finished with a dusting of cocoa and Belgian chocolates.
  • White Mudcake


    White chocolate mud cake indulged with a second coating of white chocolate glaze,
    Belgian chocolate shards and a smear of chocolate glaze on top.

    24cm in Diameter.
    12-16 Serves.

    Sam Strawberry


    continental cheesecake with morsels of the strawberry inside,
    topped with a strawberry glaze.

    22cm in Diameter.
    12-16 Serves.


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